Iran Mapping Jews in Diaspora for Kill Squads

(Jewish Chronicle-UK) David Rose - Iran has been mapping the Jewish diaspora for an assassination campaign that will be triggered if Israel attacks its nuclear facilities, Catherine Perez-Shakdam, a Jewish woman who met Ayatollah Khamenei, has told the JC. Khamenei only seemed scared of one thing - an Israeli attack, she said, adding: "He believes Netanyahu's threats and he knows that, for now, Israel is militarily superior." A research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society, she said she was told of the plan "to identify all the prominent NGOs run by Jews, who was doing what in each business sector, the important rabbis. They wanted to figure out their influence and where they lived with their families in order to target them." A spokesperson for the UK's Community Security Trust said: "We have known for many years that Iran is involved in plotting terrorism against Jewish communities, but it is utterly chilling to have it spelled out in such clear detail."

2023-02-20 00:00:00

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