Radicalization among Negev Bedouin Linked to Intermarriage with Women from the PA

(Israel Hayom) Hanan Greenwood - Minister for Social Equality Amichai Chikli, in charge of planning and oversight for Israel's Arab population, traces the radicalization among Bedouin in the Negev to intermarriage with Palestinian women from villages in Judea and Samaria. "There are more than 300,000 Bedouin living in the Negev.... Polygamy is rife among this population too and this often involves the spread of Palestinian nationalism as a result of Palestinian women originating from villages in Judea and Samaria marrying into Bedouin society." "The majority of violent incidents that have included elements of terrorism have been carried out by the sons of women who have come into Bedouin society from the PA. Sons of Palestinian mothers tend to be four times more involved in terrorist activity than the rest of the local Bedouin population."

2023-02-16 00:00:00

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