The Palestinian Addiction to Violence Poses the Biggest Obstacle to Peace

(Jerusalem Post) Gil Troy - Imagine the hate required to run over fellow humans at a bus stop. Imagine the evil required to keep accelerating when you notice six- and eight-year-old brothers standing there, innocently chatting with their dad. And imagine the perversity involved in celebrating such murders, proving - again - how deep anti-Jewish demonization has been drilled into too many Palestinian hearts, deforming their souls. Until the world acknowledges this wickedness, more such murderers will be mass-produced - with Western dollars. Too many Blame-Israel-Firsters discount this cultivated ugliness which mocks their delusions that peace will descend once Israel retreats, creating a Palestinian dictatorship next door. This Palestinian addiction to violence reveals more about the killers. Palestinian rejectionism and antisemitism, fueling terrorism, poses the biggest obstacle to peace. Contrast Israel's army, which will abort legitimate missions to minimize civilian casualties, with Palestinians' death cult, which targets kids and often blackmails the most vulnerable Palestinians into terror. The writer is a Distinguished Scholar of North American History at McGill University.

2023-02-16 00:00:00

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