The Bitter War between Pro-Palestinian Protesters and "Besieged" Midlands Factory Workers

(Birmingham Mail-UK) Jamie Brassington - Since 2014, protests have been taking place outside of a Staffordshire factory making repurposed motorbike engines for drones. While the business is Israeli-owned, it says it is "fully compliant with all the UK export license laws" and does not send military parts to Israel for use. Recent protests have been carried out by the activist group Palestine Action, which has vandalized the premises. Jody, who is head of security at the factory, said: "This narrative that they communicate to their people is completely false....Everybody has got the right to protest. But when they cross that line and start smashing the bejeesus out of our building, intimidating our people, it ain't on. We live in a democratic society; if they have got an issue, take it to the Government or stand for election, do it that way."

2023-01-30 00:00:00

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