Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan Rank among the "World's Angriest Countries"

(Arab News-Saudi Arabia) Rawan Radwan - Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan ranked among the world's angriest countries in Gallup's latest annual Global Emotions Report. Lebanon topped the list, with 49% reporting feelings of anger the previous day. Since 2019, Lebanon has been in the throes of a financial crisis which has wiped 95% off the value of its currency and left much of the population below the poverty line. Michael Young, a senior editor at Carnegie Middle East in Beirut, noted, "The system simply does not work, at any level. People feel constantly robbed." Julie Ray, managing director of Gallup World Poll News, reported that a record 63% of Lebanese adults said "they would leave if they could." Iraq came fourth with 46%. Jordan came sixth at 35%.

2023-01-12 00:00:00

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