Propaganda at the New York Times

(CAMERA) Ricki Hollander - On Dec. 29, the New York Times published a guest essay by Yara Asi, who introduces the Palestinian terrorist organization Lions' Den, that has attacked both Israeli civilians and the soldiers protecting them, as an "armed resistance group," while labeling Israel's counter-terrorist operations as "military violence." She says that at least 150 Palestinians were killed in 2022, but fails to mention how many among those killed were combatants killed in gunfights or while attempting to attack Israelis, or were innocent bystanders among whom Palestinian gunmen positioned themselves while firing at Israeli troops. There have been numerous news reports of Palestinian terrorists belonging to foreign-designated terrorist organizations being killed while engaged in firefights with Israeli Defense Forces or while in the process of attacking Israelis, but such context is entirely missing from Asi's analysis. There is nothing about the spike in terrorist attacks by Palestinians this year that prompted the operations of Israel's Defense Forces. In Asi's telling, there is no such thing as Palestinian terrorism, Israeli victims, or the need for Israeli security and, therefore, Palestinians bear no responsibility for their situation.

2023-01-02 00:00:00

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