Israel Arrests Palestinian for Bomb Attacks in Jerusalem

(Ha'aretz) Yael Freidson - Asalam Faroukh, 26, from eastern Jerusalem, has been arrested for the Nov. 23 twin bombing attack in Jerusalem which killed 2 and injured more than 20. According to the Israel Security Agency, he operated under a "Salafi-jihadist ideology" which identifies with the Islamic State, and carried out the attacks alone. Faroukh learned how to build an explosive device online from household materials. One charge was placed behind bushes at a hitchhiking station, and the second charge at the Ramot bus stop was hidden under wood that he had cut in advance. He placed the charges an hour before they exploded and rode away on a scooter. Two other suspects with American citizenship were deported to the U.S. following the investigation.

2022-12-29 00:00:00

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