Israeli Intelligence Sees Genuine, Lasting Changes in Iran

(Al-Monitor) Ben Caspit - Israel's intelligence agencies, monitoring developments in Iran, are mostly united in their assessment that the nationwide protests of the past three months are not a fleeting phenomenon, unlike previous waves of anti-government protests over the past 40 years. "What is going on there now is deeper, broader and irreversible," a senior Israeli security source said. "The deep change Iran is undergoing will not necessarily result in a revolution and regime change....The regime still has many tools with which to defend itself and it has not exhausted most of them....On the other hand, what was will no longer be. The change in Iran is real." The source noted that even if the regime scrapped the mandatory wearing of the hijab, the protests would continue. "There may be a lull, but the people of Iran have overcome the barrier of fear and protesters are talking about rights, freedom, in opposition to the Islamic state." Israeli experts point to three elements still lacking for the protest to overturn the regime: prominent, charismatic leadership that authorities cannot silence; organized funding; and the backing of respected clerics.

2022-12-15 00:00:00

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