Al-Qaeda in Israel, Fertile Ground for Terrorism

[Ha'aretz ] Amos Harel - With the uncovering of a second Arab-Israeli cell with ties to al-Qaeda in the space of a few weeks, we learn that among Arab Israelis, like the Palestinians in the territories, there is growing support for the messages of al-Qaeda. For some years now the public declarations of Bin Laden and his aides have increasingly focused on Israel and Jewish communities around the world as targets for terrorist attacks. It is also known that cells linked with al-Qaeda operate with relative ease in Gaza. The desire of al-Qaeda to operate in Israel is finding fertile ground. There are those who will willingly offer assistance - and therefore the likelihood of a strike by international jihad on Israeli soil (similar attacks have already taken place in Jordan and Sinai) is of reasonable likelihood.

2008-07-21 01:00:00

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