Two Israeli Arabs Convicted of Attacking IDF Soldier in Tel Aviv in 2021

(Jerusalem Post) Yonah Jeremy Bob - Muhammad Iyash and Ali Mutzri were convicted by the Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday of aggravated bodily injury and incitement to terror and violence against an IDF soldier in Jaffa in southern Tel Aviv on May 13, 2021, during a round of fighting in Gaza. During a wave of Arab riots in Jaffa, Iyash called on a WhatsApp group to join in on the riots, giving a specific location. Mutzri went to where the soldier was standing, pinned him to the wall, and started to kick him. Others started to kick him also and sprayed him with tear gas. Then another rioter, Nur Yusef, who is being tried for attempted murder of the soldier, struck him in the head with a brick and he fell to the ground. Iyash took a video of the soldier as blood was streaming out of his head and sent it to the WhatsApp group with the voiceover saying, "He is done. This is him after he got beaten." Later, Iyash sent additional messages calling for more violence against Jews, including a specific call to throw firebombs at Jewish homes.

2022-11-28 00:00:00

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