Iranian Dissidents Terrorized by Iranian Spies in Britain

(Sunday Times-UK) Glen Keogh - London-based journalist Aliasghar Ramezanpoor, 61, along with a number of other UK journalists working for the Farsi-language television station Iran International, has recently received details of a credible and "imminent" threat on his life after a hit squad was allegedly sent from Iran to assassinate dissidents on British soil. He is now receiving round-the-clock police protection. "The only thing that they are looking for is stopping journalists covering the story," he said. But with "the crackdown on internet and social media [in Iran], the only outlet that people have is media like us." This has highlighted how the tentacles of the Iranian regime are infiltrating Britain, disguised, according to prominent British-Iranians, within Islamic centers in London and elsewhere. Hundreds of journalists, political activists and those speaking out against Iran's hardline regime from Britain have received letters from counterterrorism police in recent months warning them of being lured back to Iran and sentenced to death.

2022-11-14 00:00:00

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