Israel's Red Lines

(Daily Express-UK) Jacob Paul - Israel's former acting National Security Advisor Jacob Nagel told that there are certain lines which, if crossed, will warrant retaliation from Israel. "The war between wars is something that we started almost 10 or 11 years ago. We started mostly under the radar, mostly to try and work against Iran's nuclear program. We started with cyber attacks in the centrifuges and other things. Now it is large and escaping and it has spilt over. Now, it is mostly against Iranian or Syrian or Hizbullah forces in Syria." "We cannot allow terror activities by terror organizations on our borders....We cannot allow the transfer of game-changing systems from Iran via Syria to [strike] Israel....We cannot allow the Iranian forces to stabilize in Syria....If there is a UAV production manufacturing facility in Lebanon or Syria, we have to deal with it." "They [Iran] can try to retaliate. But remember that the last time they tried to retaliate, the Iranian forces sent us 40 or 50 missiles from Syria to Israel; about 75% of the weapons fell in the Syrian area. But we have to be alert all the time for retaliation from Iran, from Syria, from others. We have to be prepared. They know if Israel retaliates, it won't be good for them."

2022-11-07 00:00:00

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