The IDF Desert Reconnaissance Battalion

(Israel Hayom) Hanan Greenwood - The Israel Defense Forces' largely Bedouin Desert Reconnaissance Battalion, established in 1986, is comprised of volunteers from Muslim, Christian, and Circassian backgrounds. Lt.-Col. Guy Madar, 33, the current commander of the battalion, said, "When I joined, I discovered how amazingly they operated....It is a group of fighters who want to contribute. They are strong, good fighters, and know the sector like the back of their hand." Sgt. Hassan Fudi, from Taibe village near Afula, said, "I enlisted in the Bedouin patrol unit. My family did not accept it and was very angry with me. As far as they are concerned, they are Palestinians. Since my decision to enlist I have not spoken to my parents....But I got used to it. I'm happy with my decision....It is true, I am Arab, but we are brothers. This is my country and we need to protect it." Chief Warrant Officer Ami Mazariv is a testament to what fighters in the unit can achieve. In 2004, Ami could not even read Hebrew. By 2022, he has a bachelor's degree in management and recently began studying law. "We have a unit that is making the State of Israel proud, soldiers with courage above and beyond, who fight all the time to protect, with the richest history in the field of counterterrorism. We have lost 30 fighters over the years, but we are not giving up, and continue to stand guard."

2022-10-27 00:00:00

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