Israeli President: Israel Providing Serious Humanitarian Assistance to Ukraine

(Tass-Russia) Israel has always been on Ukraine's side by providing serious humanitarian assistance, but in other areas the country's support is limited due to national security reasons, Israeli President Isaac Herzog told the Atlantic Council in Washington on Wednesday. "Let's put the record straight. First of all, Israel is aligned with the international community and the United States at all the international forums. Secondly, of course, we made it clear that we object to any violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity. But the big thing is, of course, Israel is assisting quite substantially in an array of issues, most predominantly humanitarian issues. If you walk around the various volunteer organizations and NGOs in Ukraine, Hebrew is the predominant language." "We've set up hospitals, we are making a huge effort on psychological and post-traumatic treatment...we've supplied medical equipment, Ukrainian soldiers are being treated in Israeli hospitals, we've offered a lot of equipment that has to do with civilian needs. We've also offered Ukraine...civilian systems for early detection of missile attacks - something that Israel has huge experience in." "But there are things that we cannot supply, due to our national security interests of utmost importance, and that is by the way the rule in many other countries....Israel is doing what it can in light of its strategic and security considerations."

2022-10-27 00:00:00

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