Three Israeli Arabs Charged with Hamas Plot to Disrupt Communications during Wartime

(Jerusalem Post) Tzvi Joffre - Three Israeli citizens from northern Israel were indicted for threatening the IDF's communications infrastructure and for providing sensitive information to Hamas in Turkey, the Israel Security Agency revealed on Thursday. The main suspect, R.A., worked as a software engineer at Cellcom, which provides services to the IDF and police. The suspect had broad access to the company's computer and information systems. In 2017, R.A. met with Hamas officials in Turkey and transferred sensitive information about communication infrastructures in Israel to Hamas in order to help it damage this infrastructure during a conflict. R.A. also met with a Hamas military official in 2021 and 2022. A second suspect, S.A., served as an external consultant at Cellcom and provided R.A. with information about the weak points in Cellcom's systems. R.A. and S.A. discussed ways to disable or disrupt Cellcom's systems out of a desire to help Palestinians attacking Israel. R.A.'s brother, Z.A., was also involved.

2022-10-24 00:00:00

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