The Gaza-Sinai Terror Connection

[Washington Times] Editorial - The recent violence and chaos on the border separating Gaza from Egypt should serve as a wake-up call about the jihadist threat emanating from the Sinai Peninsula, which has become a recruiting ground for al-Qaeda and, increasingly, an infiltration route into Israel. Israeli officials say the opening of the Gaza-Egypt border fence on Jan. 23 permitted terrorists to enter Egypt. Once in Egyptian territory, they make their way to less-defended areas of Sinai and cross into Israel to stage attacks. Israeli officials say there are as many as 20 terror cells in Sinai preparing to launch attacks on Israel. Sinai has become the soft underbelly of terror - and a huge security problem for Egypt and Israel and for the tens of thousands of foreign tourists that visit its resorts each year. There are also 1,800 members of the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO), the Sinai-based international peacekeeping force monitoring compliance with the 1979 peace treaty signed by Egypt and Israel.

2008-02-21 01:00:00

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