The Current Palestinian Terror Wave

(Ynet News) Ron Ben-Yishai - The current Palestinian terror wave has persisted for seven months. This wave has new and unique characteristics, thus intercepting it requires a different mindset. Most of the attacks in recent weeks were carried out by Palestinians aged 30 and younger and primarily targeted Israeli security forces. The Lions' Den, a new Palestinian terror group, is an example. In Nablus, several local young criminals obtained firearms, carried out attacks, and became a source of inspiration and imitation to other young Palestinians. When interrogated by the Israel Security Agency, they often admit they didn't act out of ideological, political, or religious motives, but rather from the desire to become a social media star. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are not leading the ongoing terror wave. Instead, they incite and fund it directly and indirectly while sitting on the sidelines and enjoying the fruits of terror. Most of the Palestinian population is not involved nor encourages the terror wave because it interferes with their daily lives and harms their livelihood. If the IDF were to halt its daily operations and nighttime raids in Palestinian localities in the West Bank, in an ongoing counter-terrorism operation called "Break the Wave," Palestinian militants will not lay down their weapons. Instead, they will seek confrontation with Israeli security forces in other places, such as checkpoints, the West Bank security barrier, and other flashpoints.

2022-10-11 00:00:00

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