Beyond the Weary Stalemate, Something Is Happening in the Middle East

(ConservativeHome-UK) Anthony Browne MP - There is no active Israeli-Palestinian peace process, but that doesn't mean things aren't changing. The plate tectonics of the Middle East are shifting quickly. Speaking to political and business leaders on both the Israeli and Palestinian side on a trip a few weeks ago, there is increasing speculation that there is a pathway for the previously unresolvable conflict to be resolved. "There is a new game in town," as one long-time observer put it. The seismic changes are the Abraham Accords. Now at Tel Aviv airport a large proportion of departure signs are to Arab nations - there are over 30 flights a week from Israel to the UAE. The excitement of Arab and Israeli business people about the opportunities is almost tangible. This normalization process is expected to continue across the Arab world. This widening Arab recognition of Israel changes the dynamics of the Middle East. The standoff is no longer between the Arab world and Israel, but between Palestinians and Israel. The Abraham Accords give permission to Arabs and Jews to say they like each other. Most importantly, it creates a belief that a peaceful solution is possible. That belief is a precondition for peace.

2022-10-06 00:00:00

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