Israel: PA President Abbas Incited Hate and Glorified Terrorism at UN

(Jerusalem Post) Tovah Lazaroff - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas incited hatred and glorified terrorism when he addressed the UN General Assembly on Friday, said Israel's Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan. "In a lie-filled rant completely detached from reality, he further proved his absolute irrelevance. Abbas uses the UN as a platform to incite hatred against Israel while glorifying the terrorists that he himself funds." "The U.S. and members of the Security Council are well aware that the Palestinians rejected every peace plan ever presented, that they fund terrorists, and that the Palestinian Authority doesn't even have sovereignty over their own territories, which are controlled by terror groups." In his speech, Abbas launched a scathing attack on Israel, accusing it of committing "massacres" against the Palestinians and "assaults" on Islamic and Christian holy sites. He also called on Israel, the U.S. and Britain to apologize to the Palestinians and offer them compensation because of their responsibility for the Balfour Declaration.

2022-09-29 00:00:00

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