Tempers Flare between Hamas, Islamic Jihad over Errant Rocket Compensation

(Al-Monitor) Hamas and Islamic Jihad held a meeting on Aug. 22 in Gaza City. Tension was high at the meeting, where Hamas called on Islamic Jihad to financially compensate the families of the civilian victims who were killed by its rockets that fell inside the Gaza Strip. Sources said that Islamic Jihad denied that any of its rockets fell inside Gaza and rejected any responsibility. An investigation team consisting of members of the Gaza ministries of interior and health collected evidence indicating that Palestinians were killed by locally made rockets. "The investigation team got their hands on rocket shrapnel and local missiles that fell in residential neighborhoods," a source added. Islamic Jihad's denial seems at least partially an effort to avoid paying financial compensation to the families of the victims, at a time when it is suffering from a stifling financial crisis.

2022-09-05 00:00:00

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