AIPAC Unleashes a Major Campaign Against the New Iran Deal

(Ha'aretz) Ben Samuels - The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has started actively campaigning against the emerging Iran nuclear deal. A detailed memo circulated on Capitol Hill said: "We have serious concerns about a prospective deal that would give the world's leading sponsor of terrorism access to $100 billion per year and fail to meet President Biden's own standards of a 'longer and stronger' nuclear agreement, all while the regime is trying to assassinate Americans on U.S. soil. Congress must review the deal including all side agreements, assess the implications for America and Israel, and vote on this important national security question." U.S. officials have indicated that the deal will be brought to Congress. "Because of sunsetting restrictions and Iranian advancement in its enrichment capabilities, a new agreement will be shorter and weaker than the original JCPOA [nuclear deal]. In essence, we will be paying more and getting less." "Russia stands to benefit financially, militarily, and strategically from a deal. Moreover, the agreement reportedly will empower Russian President Putin as the principal judge of whether America is complying with the deal. This puts incredible power into the hands of an actor who has time and again proven his animosity to American interests." "America must support the IAEA's investigation of Iran's undisclosed nuclear activity and reject any effort to pressure the agency to close the probe before it has complete and credible answers to the questions it has raised."

2022-09-01 00:00:00

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