Israel: Looming Deal Will Not Stop Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons

(Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Prime Minister Yair Lapid - Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid told the foreign media in Jerusalem on Wednesday: "On the table right now is a bad deal. It would give Iran a hundred billion dollars a year...that will be used to undermine stability in the Middle East and spread terror around the globe." "This money will fund the Revolutionary Guards. It will fund the Basij who oppress the Iranian people. It will fund more attacks on American bases in the Middle East. It will be used to strengthen Hizbullah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad. This money will go to the people who are trying to kill authors and thinkers in New York. And of course, it will be used to strengthen Iran's nuclear program." "We have made it clear to everyone: if a deal is signed, it does not obligate Israel. We will act to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear state. We are not prepared to live with a nuclear threat above our heads from an extremist, violent Islamist regime. This will not happen - because we will not let it happen."

2022-08-25 00:00:00

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