Kuwaiti Writer: Palestinian Faction Leaders, Who Live in Luxury, Fight Israel on Iran's Behalf while Gazans Pay with their Lives

(MEMRI) Writing in the Beirut-based Al-Nahar Al-Arabi on Aug. 9, 2022, Kuwaiti journalist and academic Dr. Muhammad Al-Rumaihi said: "I've lost count of how many clashes there have been between Israel and some faction or other in Gaza....The ones who pay the very heavy price of losing their lives and/or livelihood are the Palestinian people, whom no one consults about the damage caused to them." "The simple and innocent [Palestinian] people are told that a number of rockets were fired into Israeli territories close to Gaza or far from it, but no one is told what they hit or what the results were. Most fall in empty areas or explode before they reach their targets. The psychological impact of these rockets on the morale of those who fire them greatly exceeds their impact on the ground. Some Arabs love to say that 'the jihad movement is raining rockets on Tel Aviv,' but the only ones who die are the Palestinians." "The grave problem lies in the Arab political culture, which has been hijacked by the populists, as reflected by the statements made during the latest round of fighting by a spokesman of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, who said that 'Israel's end is near!' We have heard such talk before, and it led us to disaster. How many disasters must befall us before we learn?"

2022-08-22 00:00:00

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