Don't Allow the Terror Organizations in Gaza to Rebuild between Rounds of Fighting

(Wall Street Journal) Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Amir Avivi - In the latest round of fighting in Gaza, more than 1,000 rockets were fired at Israel. Millions of Israelis found cover and relative safety thanks to the phenomenal Iron Dome, which intercepted more than 96% of the lethal rockets aimed at Israeli civilians. Almost the entire chain of command of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad was eliminated in pinpoint strikes, as at least 20 PIJ operatives were killed in action and scores more were wounded. A few years ago, the biggest rockets in Gaza barely reached 15 miles, yet today they can deliver dozens of pounds of explosives north of Tel Aviv (60 miles) and effectively have between three million and four million Israelis within range. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have also accumulated advanced antitank missiles as well as explosive drones. Most of this weaponry has been smuggled into Gaza through Egypt, with the vast majority paid for or manufactured by Iran. We can't sit idly by while jihadist thugs stockpile arsenals larger than those of many European countries at our doorstep, constantly adding range and payloads. Hamas and the other terror organizations mustn't be allowed to stockpile rockets, and Israel should eliminate them before the enemy uses them. The IDF should apply the same principles used in mitigating the Iranian presence in Syria and not allow the terror organizations in Gaza to rebuild between rounds of fighting. The writer served as deputy commander of the IDF Gaza Division.

2022-08-11 00:00:00

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