U.S. at UN: "We Fully Support Israel's Right to Defend Its People"

(U.S. Mission to the UN) U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the Security Council on Monday: "We fully support Israel's right to defend its people against terrorist threats, including from rocket fire aimed at civilians or without regard to them....Let us be clear: Palestinian Islamic Jihad is a designated terrorist organization in the United States and in many other nations. And it is also an Iranian proxy group, which has conducted attacks against innocent civilians for years....It was the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, not Israel, that held up agreement on a ceasefire designated to save lives and resume shipments into Gaza, callously prolonging these hostilities." "This Council should be able to come together and unconditionally repudiate the terrorism of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, whose reckless actions have put the lives of civilians, on both sides, at risk. Their actions must be condemned by all countries in no uncertain terms. And no country should be expected to tolerate or passively accept such brazen attacks on its civilians." "We should refrain from jumping to conclusions until we can determine the facts. As just one example, Israel was originally blamed for an attack that inflicted civilian casualties in Jabaliya refugee camp. It now appears to have been caused by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket."

2022-08-11 00:00:00

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