Israel Cannot Simply Stop Fighting Terror

(Jerusalem Post) Editorial - If Israel doesn't forcibly respond to the threats of one terrorist organization, the other organizations driven by the same desire to harm the Jewish state will be emboldened. And that includes Hizbullah in Lebanon. While Israel needs to maintain its policy of trying to minimize casualties of innocent people, it cannot simply stop fighting terror. The country cannot afford a situation in which the terrorist organizations literally call the shots. Israel was right to take the initiative and tackle the Islamic Jihad terror threat. Allowing terror cells to grow is a danger to the Jewish state and to the Palestinians themselves. The very name Islamic Jihad is a sign that this is a terrorist organization whose credo comprises death and destruction of the global jihad type. Israel doesn't only have the right to defend itself, it has the duty. The Free World must stand by Israel in its fight against terror, as it fights on the front lines for all.

2022-08-08 00:00:00

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