Israel and Palestinian Militants Reach a Ceasefire

(New York Times) Patrick Kingsley - The fighting revealed simmering tensions between Islamic Jihad, the militia that led this latest battle against Israel, and Hamas, the militia that runs Gaza, which opted to remain on the sidelines. The fighting has badly damaged Islamic Jihad, Gaza's second-largest militia. Two of its key leaders are now dead and many of its bases and weapons factories have been destroyed. A senior Israeli official said Israel had completed "a precise and effective operation that met all of its strategic objectives." Israeli analysts largely portrayed the episode as a victory and even a warning to Israel's other enemies in the region - particularly Hizbullah - of the fate that awaits them should they also enter into full-scale combat with Israel in the near future. Islamic Jihad was also embarrassed by videos that appeared to show its rockets malfunctioning and hitting civilian areas in Gaza. Morocco and the UAE expressed concern about the violence but avoided criticism of Israel.

2022-08-08 00:00:00

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