U.S. Pressing Palestinians to Cooperate on Abraham Accords

(Times of Israel) Jacob Magid - President Joe Biden asked PA President Mahmoud Abbas to cooperate in leveraging the Abraham Accords normalization agreements to advance measures that benefit the Palestinians, a senior U.S. official told the Times of Israel. "We've made very clear that normalization and the implementation of the Abraham Accords is happening. This is a trend and for the Palestinians to try to stand against it is not in anyone's interest," said a second senior U.S. official. "We have found the Arab capitals are very supportive of folding Palestinians into Abraham Accords efforts and we've increasingly found the Israelis to be so as well." One of the first fruits of the U.S. effort was a plan to open the Allenby Bridge crossing between the West Bank and Jordan 24/7 by Sep. 30, an initiative proposed by Morocco.

2022-07-25 00:00:00

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