Why Did BBC Ignore 99 Percent of Attacks on Israelis?

(Jewish Chronicle-UK) Jan Shure - There were 189 terror incidents against Israelis in June - more than six per day. These included 117 attacks with petrol bombs, 42 with pipe bombs, 16 arson attacks, 11 shootings and two stabbings. There was also a rocket attack directed at the city of Ashkelon. The BBC failed to report almost any of these, though it was very quick to record injuries or fatalities which result from Israel's counter-measures. BBC News reported just 1% of the terror attacks against Israelis, but it reported 89% of the resulting actions by Israel. Few aspects of the BBC's editorial stance better illustrate its role in fanning the flames of anti-Israel feeling - and thus, indirectly, fanning the flames of anti-Semitism. This cavernous imbalance in reporting damages Israel and harms Jews, because of the blowback on Jewish communities. That Israelis experienced more than six terror incidents per day in June is the kind of context that is vital to enable BBC viewers to make a fair judgement on Israeli actions. Its omission massively manipulates reality in favor of Israel's enemies. That is immoral.

2022-07-21 00:00:00

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