Where Were Palestinian Police during Shooting of Al Jazeera Journalist?

(Algemeiner) Elder of Ziyon - When Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed during Palestinian firefights with Israeli forces in Jenin, where were the Palestinian police? Jenin is in Area A, under full Palestinian security control. No one is supposed to be brandishing weapons besides the Palestinian police, under signed agreements with Israel. Israeli security forces only go into Jenin because the Palestinian Authority security forces aren't doing their job. The West has paid millions to bolster the Palestinian security forces for nearly 30 years since Oslo. Yet there were no Palestinian police securing the scene where Shireen Abu Akleh was shot. The PA has abdicated its role to provide security in all of Area A, and has let Jenin and other areas turn into hotbeds of terrorism. If the PA had taken responsibility for the security role it had agreed to take, Shireen Abu Akleh would likely still be alive today.

2022-07-21 00:00:00

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