Former Kuwaiti Minister: Palestinian Suffering Due to Their Own Leadership

(MEMRI) Former Kuwaiti Information Minister Sa'ad Bin Tefla Al-Ajmi wrote in the Saudi daily Independent Arabia on July 8, 2022: For the Palestinians, "the models of heroism in the region, whom they wish to emulate, are people like Saddam Hussein and Qassem Soleimani. The former occupied Kuwait, calling this a step towards liberating Palestine, and the latter claimed that his country had taken over Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as a step towards liberating Jerusalem. We are all familiar with the destruction inflicted by Saddam Hussein on the entire [Arab] nation....As for Iran, innocent blood continues to flow in the countries it has taken over in the name of resistance and liberating Jerusalem." "Opposing Hamas in Gaza, or the PA in the West Bank, can result in disaster and loss, torture and death....According to independent investigations, 57 Palestinian activists have been tortured to death in the PA prisons and in Hamas' prisons in Gaza. Human Rights Watch likewise states that the PA and Hamas systematically employ torture in their prisons. As for corruption, it has even reached the point of [stealing the international] aid money that is intended for the needy." "The number of Palestinians with Israeli citizenship [i.e., Israeli Arabs] is currently 1.5 million....How many of these Palestinians have given up their Israeli citizenship in favor of a Palestinian one since the signing of the Oslo Accords [and the forming of the Palestinian Authority] in 1993? The answer is: not even one."

2022-07-14 00:00:00

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