Poll: Half of Jerusalem Arabs Say They Would Prefer to Become Israeli Citizens

(Washington Institute for Near East Policy) David Pollock - A June 2022 survey of Palestinians in Jerusalem, commissioned by the Washington Institute and conducted by the Palestine Center for Public Opinion, shows that 48% of the city's Arab residents say that, if they had to make a choice, they would prefer to become citizens of Israel rather than of a Palestinian state. 43% would prefer a Palestinian state and 9% would opt for Jordanian citizenship. 63% agree at least "somewhat" that "It would be better for us if we were part of Israel, rather than in Palestinian Authority or Hamas-ruled lands." 63% also agree that "the Palestinians should push harder to replace their own political leaders with more effective and less corrupt ones." 65% say "the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is mostly just for politicians or old people, and I just don't think about it very much." 61% disagree that "the Palestinians should move to a new intifada and make armed struggle their top priority." 54% agree that "I hope someday we can be friends with Israelis, since we are all human beings after all." 23% agree "strongly" and an additional 46% agree "somewhat" that "Israel wants to destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque and harm our religion."

2022-07-11 00:00:00

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