Israel Weighs Options for Confronting Iran in Event of Nuclear Deal

(Al-Monitor) Ben Caspit - Israel's Channel 12 aired a video last week said to document the results of a June 27 cyberattack that set fire to parts of a plant operated by Iran's state-owned Khuzestan Steel Company and caused heavy damage. Israel and Iran are waging an escalating cyberwar that has inflicted far more damage on Iran than on Israel. Meanwhile, Israel's Mossad intelligence agency sees a new nuclear agreement with Iran as a done deal and discounts reports of poor prospects for a breakthrough. "We are clearly identifying a burning desire to reach an agreement, compromises that the sides have agreed on, and an ongoing striving for this goal," a top Israeli security source said. "It should also be stressed once again that a nuclear agreement is a bad option for Israel to the extent of posing an existential threat. It will hand Iran a 'license to kill' within a few years and turn it into a nuclear threshold state verging on a nuclear state. Israel must make clear that it will not be bound by such an agreement." Meanwhile, Israel is compiling a list of diplomatic measures to be presented to President Biden during his upcoming visit on July 13-14, designed to increase pressure on Iran and create leverage that would force it to abandon its nuclear program. "So far, the West and the United States have not used all the diplomatic and economic tools at their disposal. On the contrary, far from it," said the senior Israeli security source. "We intend to...present him [Biden] with a clear alternative."

2022-07-04 00:00:00

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