Biden's Agenda for Israel Visit Unchanged, Despite Change of Israeli Prime Minister

(Atlantic Council) Daniel B. Shapiro - President Joe Biden's July 13 visit to Israel will go forward as planned, despite the anticipated change in the country's prime minister. Regardless of who the prime minister is, the agenda remains the same. First, Biden will focus on promoting Israel's integration into the region, building on the Abraham Accords and preparing for additional Arab states to normalize their relations with Israel. Second, Biden will seek to deepen U.S.-Israeli security cooperation, which may include a readiness to fund Israel's anti-missile and anti-drone laser technology. These advances are linked to CENTCOM-led efforts to arrange integrated air defenses among U.S. partners across the region. Third, Biden will advocate steps to improve the atmosphere between Israelis and Palestinians. At the same time, Biden sees no opening for political negotiations at present. Fourth, Biden will seek to coordinate with Israeli strategists on the next phase in dealing with Iran, including the reality of Iran being a threshold nuclear state. All of these priorities have long-term strategic significance beyond the term of any particular government. The writer, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel, is a distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council.

2022-06-27 00:00:00

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