Basic Lies in the UN Commission of Inquiry Report

(CAMERA) David Litman - On June 7, the new UN anti-Israel Commission of Inquiry published its first report. The report states: "Israel remains in occupation of the territory [of Gaza] by virtue of the control exercised crossings at the borders." In fact, Israel does not control all the "land crossings at the borders." Gaza's southern border is with Egypt and contains the Rafah crossing, over which Israel exerts no authority. The report states that in eastern Jerusalem, "Palestinian residents are not eligible for Israeli citizenship." In fact, Palestinian residents of Jerusalem are eligible for Israeli citizenship. In 2019, 1,200 Palestinians applied for and were granted Israeli citizenship. In 1967, all Palestinian residents were given permanent residency status, with the option of acquiring Israeli citizenship if they so choose, and many have become Israeli citizens over the years. The report states that "the entire territory [of the West Bank and Gaza], divided in the Oslo Accords into Areas A, B and C, was to be gradually handed over to the Palestinians." This is false. Nowhere did the Oslo Accords state that the entire territory was to be handed over to the Palestinians. The issue of final borders was clearly reserved for "permanent status negotiations" to be concluded later.

2022-06-16 00:00:00

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