Israel: Commission of Inquiry Report Reflects Human Rights Council's Extreme Anti-Israel Bias

(Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs ) The report published Tuesday by the Human Rights Council's Commission of Inquiry is part and parcel of the witch hunt being carried out by the Human Rights Council against Israel. It is a biased and one-sided report, tainted with hatred for the State of Israel and based on a long series of previous one-sided and biased reports. The report disregards years of murderous terrorism by Palestinian terrorist organizations against Israeli citizens, as well as the Palestinians' long-standing obstinacy and the vicious and anti-Semitic incitement carried out by the Palestinian Authority and its networks. The Commission ignored the real reasons that led Israel to defend its citizens against the murderous terrorist organizations that are committing a double war crime: firing at Israeli civilians from within civilian areas in Gaza. The Commission of Inquiry and the biased report it published are the result of the Council's extreme anti-Israel bias. The Commission members were only appointed to their roles because of their public and well-known anti-Israel stances, in direct opposition to the rules set out by the United Nations. The State of Israel will continue to protect its citizens in accordance with the highest international values and standards.

2022-06-09 00:00:00

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