U.S. Silence on Lebanon Shows Israelis Can Only Count on Themselves

[Ynet News] Nahum Barnea - Should Israel need to defend itself, President Bush told the Knesset last week, 300 million Americans will stand by the seven million Israelis. Yet when, with almost no resistance, Lebanon fell into Hizbullah's hands, great, powerful America, which attached huge importance to Lebanon's independence and boasted of Syria's removal from there as its only Mideastern achievement, stood silent on the sidelines. In a different era, the Americans would send the Sixth Fleet to Beirut or bomb Hizbullah strongholds from the sea. But not now. America is tired and torn on the inside. It can only provide its protectorates in the Middle East with words. The lesson is simple, and dates back to the establishment of the state: We cannot count on anyone but ourselves. The 300 million Americans will only stand by us if we do the job ourselves.

2008-05-20 01:00:00

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