America Continues to Appease the Palestinians

(Substack) Melanie Phillips - What the Palestinians have been doing recently hardly justifies their description by State Department spokesman Ned Price as America's "partners," for the PA repeatedly incites violence against Israeli Jews. The official PA daily ran a column attacking Israel's Jerusalem Day parade while ludicrously claiming that a Palestinian nation had existed for 5,000 years with Jerusalem as its capital. It also claimed that the Western Wall of the Temple Mount belonged "only to believers of the religion of Islam," and called on them "to expel from it the Zionist hordes." Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah, which runs the PA, has named as "heroic martyrs" the two Palestinian murderers who killed eight people in two separate terror attacks in Tel Aviv and Bnei Brak this year. A Fatah official declared that "we love martyrdom-death as we love life," while Palestinians chanted: "How sweet it is to kill Jews." The PA routinely instructs its children that their highest calling is to kill Israelis and continues to pay terrorists' families a reward for murdering Israeli Jews. In any sane and morally functioning universe, such people would be treated as social and political pariahs and held to account for their murderous agenda. So why is the Biden administration so determined to elevate them? There is a fundamental misconception that the war of extermination waged against Israel is instead a conflict between two rival claims to the same area of land. But all such attempts at compromise serve instead to legitimize, incentivize and reward Palestinian aggression. By insisting on equivalence between victim and aggressor, it always ends up favoring the aggressor and placing the victim in even greater jeopardy. The writer is a columnist for The Times-UK.

2022-06-06 00:00:00

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