Cairo Is Key to Gaza Cease-Fire

[Ynet News] Ron Ben-Yishai - Israel is demanding that Egypt engage in thorough screening efforts deep within Egyptian territory in order to stop all those who travel to Iran, and particularly those who return from it, as well as the rocket launchers, explosives, and anti-aircraft rockets sent to Hamas by Iran. In the wake of the Philadelphi Route breach in January, Egypt managed to work effectively in Sinai to prevent the infiltration of armed Hamas men planning to carry out attacks. Now, Israel is demanding that Egypt prevent unarmed Hamas men who are traveling to Iran for training from passing through Egypt. Israeli security officials say that what matters is not what Hamas does or demands, but rather what Egypt does. President Mubarak will determine whether a lull in Gaza goes into effect or not, through the actions of his people on the ground. For Israel, the key lies with vigorous Egyptian activity that would cut Gaza off from the "bosses" in Tehran.

2008-05-20 01:00:00

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