UN Security Council's European Members Prioritize Lambasting Israel

(JNS) Mike Wagenheim - After Thursday's UN Security Council session, council members France and Ireland, joined by Albania and former member Estonia, called a press conference to denounce Israel. They failed to mention the recent string of terror attacks against Israelis, including on Israel's Independence Day, when Palestinian terrorists brutally murdered three Israelis with axes. Israeli Deputy UN Ambassador Noa Furman responded: "Since the beginning of 2022, nearly 800 Palestinian terror attacks have been committed against Israelis, in which over 100 [people] were wounded, and 19 were murdered....What is it that drives a 19-year-old terrorist to take up an ax and murder innocents in cold blood? To hack another human being to death with animal-like brutality? Well, let me tell you. Words. Inciteful, hateful, venomous words." "This poison that is rotting the minds of an entire generation - both at the hands of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority - is directly causing innocent Israeli blood to be spilled while destroying the future of young Palestinians....I am disturbed to see that not only is this incitement and the lies that support it not condemned, it is spread, often by members of this body."

2022-05-30 00:00:00

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