A West Bank Hot Spot Reemerges

(Wall Street Journal) Stephen Kalin - Jenin in the West Bank is re-emerging as a stronghold of Palestinian militancy. Four of the assailants who killed 19 Israelis in terrorist attacks since March were from the Jenin region. The Israeli military has responded with raids to arrest people they say helped carry out those attacks. The raids are regularly met with gunfire. Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have developed extensive networks of support in the region. A senior Israeli military official said the army needs to conduct raids into Jenin to stop terrorism in Israel. "We don't have the ability to wait for the next attack from Jenin, we cannot sit and wait for our civilians to be killed. In general, and more specifically in recent weeks, we're acting to stop those who want to kill Israelis now, right now, so that they're stopped before they carry out their murderous intent."

2022-05-19 00:00:00

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