Netanyahu: Iran Could "Take the Entire World Hostage" after New Nuke Deal

(Fox News) Charles Creitz - Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Sunday against empowering the terrorist-supporting regime in Tehran by approving a new nuclear deal. He said that when the Iranian regime is armed with nuclear weapons, they can threaten anyone they want while having the boosted defense capabilities that nukes provide. "First of all, they can take the entire world hostage. Once you have a predatory, and especially in a rogue theocratic regime like this, have nuclear weapons, they can use them in two ways: One, they can threaten you directly with atomic bombs. Secondly, they have a nuclear umbrella, which threaten you with conventional weapons like regular missiles or terrorists or anything else." "If you want to understand how bad this deal is, it not only gives Iran the freedom with an international legitimacy to enrich uranium and an unlimited quantity with much more sophisticated centrifuges in just a few years, it also gives them an enormous amount of money." "Those people who are firing these missiles, those people who have murdered Americans left and right, those people who are responsible for more terrorism around the world than anyone else - those people are going to be lifted off sanctions....This is the kowtowing of the democratic world - unfortunately, of the rest of the world - to this rogue regime."

2022-03-21 00:00:00

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