How Many Missiles and Rockets Does Hizbullah Have?

(Alma Research and Education Center) Maj. (res.) Tal Beeri - Hizbullah is having a difficult time converting missiles to become precision-guided. Hizbullah possesses precision missiles - mostly medium-range Fatah 110 - received directly from Iran or assembled on Syrian soil and transferred to Lebanon. It is estimated that Hizbullah possesses several dozen precision missiles, possibly over 100. Hizbullah also has Iranian cruise missiles, advanced coastal missiles (Yakhont and C-802), and anti-aircraft missiles (SA-17, SA-22). Moreover, Hizbullah can independently manufacture UAVs in Lebanon and has at least 2,000 UAVs. In addition, Hizbullah has "regular" missiles and mortars including: 5,000 long- and medium-range missiles (200 km. or more), 65,000 short-range rockets/missiles (rockets up to 45 km., missiles up to 200 km.), and 145,000 mortars (up to 20 km.). The writer, director of research at the Alma Center, served for 20 years in IDF Military Intelligence.

2022-02-28 00:00:00

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