Israel's Relations with Russia

(Mosaic) Andrew N. Koss - Moscow has generally taken Iran's side in the nuclear deal negotiations, while showing itself especially eager to sell arms to Iran - arms that the latter will use against America and Israel. Russia doesn't see Israel's destruction as a primary policy goal, or even an especially good outcome. It doesn't mind the occasional Israeli airstrike against Iranian forces, which remind Iran that it's the junior partner in the Moscow-Tehran alliance. And the Kremlin would rather avoid friction with the IDF, the region's most effective military. But this shouldn't be mistaken for actual good relations. Putin supports Israel's enemies with diplomatic cover, weapons, and boots on the ground. His soldiers fight side-by-side with Hizbullah and Iran's Quds Force. Moscow's relationship with Hamas is a cozy one. And Putin's overarching goal is to upend the American-led international order and hurt the U.S. wherever he can. At the same time, Russia, an ex-superpower with a vast military machine, has a sizable military presence on Israel's northern border, where it controls the airspace. It could give Israel's adversaries even more dangerous weapons. So Israel's leaders are being careful. They must mind what they do, as well as what they say.

2022-02-28 00:00:00

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