Demand for Hebrew Lessons Jumps in Gaza as Israel Increases Work Permits

(Reuters) Nidal Al-Mughrabi - Dozens of Palestinians in Gaza are hoping to take advantage of an opening up of employment opportunities in Israel, leading to increased demand for Hebrew classes at the Nafha languages center. Israel now offers 10,000 permits allowing Gaza residents to cross the border to work in Israel. Ahmed Al-Faleet, the center's owner, said, "These courses allow anyone who gets a permit to read signs, documents written in Hebrew, and communicate with (soldiers) at Israeli checkpoints. If an employer speaks only Hebrew, it enables the worker to deal with him." Before 2000, some 130,000 Gazans worked in Israel. Economists say Palestinians can earn in a day in Israel the equivalent to what they can earn in a week in Gaza. "If the security situation remains stable and calm, the State of Israel would open up more and more [to Gazan workers]," said Israeli liaison officer Col. Moshe Tetro.

2022-02-24 00:00:00

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