Israeli Defense Minister Sees a "Two-Entity Solution"

(Jerusalem Post) Tovah Lazaroff - Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz told the Munich Security Conference on Sunday: "Eventually we will find ourselves in a two-entity solution, in which we respect Palestinian sovereignty and governance, but we will be respected for our security needs." "Did you say a two-state solution is possible?" the moderator asked. Gantz replied: "A two-state solution takes us to a former framework. It's a phrase that gives the illusion of [a return to] 1967 with the border lines, etc.; things that cannot happen. This is why I said a two-entity solution." "We cannot ignore the existence of the Palestinians and the Palestinians cannot ignore the existence of us Israelis in the area and we must find ways of living with one another....I hope that one day we can create a new take the realities on the ground [into account]."

2022-02-21 00:00:00

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