Israel: A New Iran Agreement Will Buy 2 1/2 Years at a Price of Tens of Billions

(Prime Minister's Office) Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told the Israeli Cabinet on Sunday: "The talks between Iran and the major powers on a return to a nuclear agreement are advancing quickly. We may see an agreement shortly. The new apparent agreement is shorter and weaker than the previous one." "Restrictions on Iran's nuclear program are expected to expire in 2025....If the world signs the agreement again - without extending the expiration date - then we are talking about an agreement that buys a total of two and a half years, after which Iran can and may develop and install advanced centrifuges, without restrictions....In return, the Iranians will currently receive tens of billions of dollars and the lifting of sanctions." "This money will eventually go to terrorism in the area. This terrorism endangers us, endangers other countries in the region...and it will also endanger American forces in the region. In any case, we are organizing and preparing for the day after, in all dimensions, so that we can maintain the security of the citizens of Israel by ourselves."

2022-02-21 00:00:00

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