The Harvard Hummus Protests

(National Review) Carine Hajjar - Harvard students from the group Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine (HOOP) are demanding that Sabra hummus be taken out of dining halls because of ties to the Israel Defense Forces. The Strauss Group, which co-owns Sabra with PepsiCo, is the largest food company in Israel. It sends food and care packages to the Golani Brigade in the IDF. Since Israel practices universal conscription, donating food to the IDF is an unsurprising form of corporate charity. As a former Harvard student, I had Israeli classmates who served in the IDF. These are students who are being told their country does not deserve to exist. And in the case of students who served, they are being labeled murderers for serving their country. The Harvard Israel Initiative (HII) responded to HOOP: "We stand against any attempt to single out the State of Israel and uphold the right of the Golani Brigade - a unit dedicated to combatting terror groups, including Hamas and Hizbullah - to defend Israel from those who wish to annihilate it."

2022-02-14 00:00:00

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