Hizbullah's Religious Cleansing of Lebanon

(MEMRI) Alberto M. Fernandez - In Lebanon there is a silent, slow-motion ethnic cleansing happening, driven by the economic crisis and benefitting Hizbullah. As Lebanon's best and brightest flee, desperate people who have had their savings wiped out find that the only thing they can sell to finance their flight is their property. Lebanese tell me of families selling their property to other Christians or other Sunnis only to find out that these were middlemen acting for Shia, Hizbullah-connected interests. Other times the buyers are supposedly from Gulf states but in the end also turn out to be Hizbullah-connected. The new Lebanon that Hizbullah is building will be more homogenous. It will have less Christians, Sunnis, and Druze, but also fewer Lebanese Shia that are willing to stand up to the Nasrallah regime. Hizbullah-controlled Lebanon - a reality that is almost complete - will serve as safe haven, training ground, and university for the terror and insurgent groups of tomorrow, especially ones targeting countries with a local Shia population like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The writer is Vice President of MEMRI.

2022-02-03 00:00:00

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