The Ingratitude of the Palestinians: Let the Foolish Fend for Themselves

(Arab Times-Kuwait) Ahmed Al-Jarallah - Why are we the ones being insulted by the Palestinians? We, the Gulf nationals, overlook all that by sending them aid. Despite their support of Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait and their participation in acts of intimidation, abuse and killing against Kuwaiti citizens, the Gulf nationals, especially Kuwaitis, continued to support the Palestinians and their resistance factions. The Palestinians stood with the Iranian Houthi aggressor against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. They slandered and cursed the leaders and governments of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries because they did not mourn the assassination of the head of the terrorist snake Qasem Soleimani. It is time to put an end to all this by starting with cutting support from them. Let them rebuild what they destroy by their own acts. Enough is enough! The camel's back has been broken from the burden of grief we endure due to the ingratitude of the Palestinians. They have been encouraging terrorism against us, issuing calls to kill us, and raising slogans such as "The path of liberation passes through Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Manama, Riyadh and Doha." All the Gulf states should normalize relations with Israel due to the fact that peace with this most advanced country is the right thing to do. Let the foolish fend for themselves. The writer is editor-in-chief of the Arab Times.

2022-01-31 00:00:00

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